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CamPaper 6 Help

Build Log

125 - Widgets for Earthquakes and News look improved
124 - Re Activated Stocks in setup and right click in taskbar nyse/nasdaq
123 - Update to NEWS alert parser
122 - Allow download from secure sites
121 - Hidden Setup: Option to temporarily set refresh rate (Dec 11, 2018)
120 - Cleanup of build 119
119 - Removed some maintenance intensive add-ons
118 - Reloaded (Photo frame will be a seperate app)
117 - Reset to re-position Campaper, Quakes, news panels to top left of screen
........ (Close app and Reopen ) Used when form outside monitor's view
116 - Remembers positions (Main Form, News and Quakes)
115 - Save settings fix for build 114
114 - Setup for NEWS Alerts allows browser selection and private mode
113 - Async setup save fix
112 - Stock Market Function (NYSE/Nasdaq)
111 - Earthquake function tweaks
110 - Added EarthQuakes
109 - Minor Interface Tweaks
108 - Added Image Viewer
107 - NEWS Feed enhanced
106 - Pre-Release Beta Features - NewsFeed, Videos, Downloads
105 - Bug fixes on PHOTO List (Saving as Favorite Not Implemented)
104 - Beta prepping features for future release
103 - Mod to access some time stamped images
102 - Enhancments and Tweeks
101 - Release Date - Feb 01, 2018
100 - Beta Release



*** Beta Preview *** 
* F12 Live Video Window, Select camera Double click to Center then rezsize (Live cameras may be offline)
* F10 Turns on/off loggng images to "Image Subfolder" this allows creating a timelape videos
* F09 Turns on NEWS Headlines
          Left Double Click to view article, Right Click (or Center Click) to close, Side first mouse button to rotate thru news sources
* F07 Turns on EarthQuake Alerts
         Left Double Click to view details, Right Click (or Center Click) to close
* F06 Stocks
        Add stock symbols in setup (NYSE/Nasdaq) Only
        Doble Ckicking on Stock form will update prices

* If you have app on Autostart but wi-fi does not connect immediately turn off autorun and start close app
   Manually start app after internet connected

* Task Manager - Startup Tab
   This is where you can enable/disable apps from starting on bootup

* RegKey - This is where the auto start on reboot is stored


* We are tweaking the interface
* Some addt apps at

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