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Compact CamPaper Help

Select Camera to view and 'X' to minimize to systray

  • If lockup occurs it is probably due to website not downloading image
    Select a Different Camera then X close CamPaper, on ReOpening you should be on the New Camera not the Stuck one
    Avoid selecting the locked Camera for a few days until owner fixes their website
  • For partial or black screens.
    Sometimes a Webcam does not fully load to server you can wait till next refresh by the web camera or try going to diff cam and back again or even close and re-open app
  • Refresh: Holding Shift Key on Left mouse click reloads camera list (Useful for late internet connection)
  • Music: Some stations are very slow to load.

Build Log

5.31 -  If request stuck app closes after 2 attempts
5.30 - Now 10 Favorites Buttons
5.22 - *Fixes update to Beta build 21
5.21 - *Beta feature - Insertion of personnal webcams
5.20 - Refresh

*Beta Notes

Insert your own webcams at top of list from server
in Setup "My WebCams"
Stored in file C:\Apps\CamPaper5\mylist.txt
in format (Must have webcam file in form of a JPG)


FYI: You can submit your desktop using campaper for public gallery on CamPaper
This is for showing how others use CamPaper
Editor has final decision on weather to post Desktop Image