Market Stall Help


The program is Stalls.exe in the C drive apps\stalls folder as are the other app files

The default map is "c:\apps\stalls\map.jpg"  a simple Jpeg file yo can make/modify in MS Paint
The Hotspots fot the map are lain text in the "c:\apps\stalls\map.ini" file

You can have multiple maps and switch between them

The Forms


No login Passcode is required for demo just click login
Entering an unlock code gives full access to the app

---Main Menu---

--- Edit Stalls: Create and Delete ---

Left Click on 4 corners of Zone


Then Right Click to Prompt for Stall Name

The Stall will show in Green

To delete a stall simply right click in green zone

Stall Map

Mouse over shows info in form title and Mouse tool tip


Clicking on a Hotspot brings up Detail form for viewing and editing



Technical Stuff

c:\apps\stalls\map.ini  Sample file

S~1~Abba~B~10x10~T~14,685,117,686,117,751,14,751~test Note 1~120.00~Visa~
S~31~Edith~A~10x20~C~204,343,202,409,287,408,287,343~First Timer~$100.00~Check~
S~32~Fanny~A~10x20~C~289,344,287,409,354,408,353,343~Fanny Stall Rental~~~

Exports To Excel