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MOH Spearhead (Freeze Tag) @
TeamSpeak ts25.gameservers.com:9101

*** Large file but easy as it's ready to go just download and unzipped into a c:\game folder ***

--individual files---

Mohaa game Installer Click here (Revival) no SBS skins
Download SBS Skins Mods Click Here
(mainta folder)
Download Teamspeak Click Here
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Help/Info Click Here
=> SBS Chat Fourm Click Here <=

Via Mouse
SBS Map Packs (685MB)
Put the map packs sbspack1.zip sbspack2.zip sbspack3.zip into your "C:\Games\MOHAA\main"  folder

Spearhead (Fri/Sat Night Meetups 8pm east coast 5pm west coast )

App to see who is ready to play but not on server
* Run app when you want to play - look at bottom of app to see if any players in game, if no players click on "waiting 2 play" button
* Exit app when you go to join gaming server or gave up waiting
(Don't leave app running all night only run app when you are actively wanting to join - App auto closes after apx 60 min)

Install SBS Alert Player Waiting App
Updated Jan 13 - Build 122
To update to latest build close app and reinstall

This is was quick weekend build
Don't hammer on keys as upload/download to server may take couple seconds
App auto rechecks for players waiting every 60 seconds

1 in 1,000 Americans have died from Covid-19 in 2020
Photo Jan 2014 Vancouver, BC
"SS Minnow" in background registered Nanaimo, BC

Fun & Funny Stuff

SBS Xmas Video