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*** "The Center" Epic Levels PvE  ***
Lease thru May 2018

2x XP, 2x Harvest, 5x Taming, 10x Hatch, 10x Baby mature, "EPIC LEVEL Dinos to 840"

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591254305 Epic Level - Dinos spawn to 840
609380111 Stargate Atlantis
539464369Advanced Architecture - Video1, Video2
700624475 Resource Crops - Video1, Video2
655581765Pimp My Dino
719928795Platforms Plus
731604991Structures Plus
640035309Seven's Tranq Kit
519998112 Small Dragons
572277026 Ark Advance 10 Video1Video2Video3, Video4
870709781 Dino Pick Up Mod

Visit our Large Visitor Center for New Players on 'Tropical Island South' Blue Obelisk for supplies to get you up and running fast.
Help self to basic tools and equipment.

Server Notes:
Mods may change.
The server does automatic reboots a 10 min notice given

Visitors Base
We have Equipment to get you leveled up fast - help yourself then head out and explore