We Play Exciting NEW PvE Maps and Mods along with Old favourites  


Our Super Admins - Wizzy411AudicanAlfredKnightAluranLedrayco

ARK Maps (Click for info) *** Featured Map *** #
Aberration PvE (20 Slots)
Aberration (2x XP Harvest etc, 10x Taming) DODODEX 09
ARK Maps Our Private Playground (You're welcome to play with us)  
Anzah Map PvE
Shigo Islands
Testing PvE
Mod and Map Testing 02
Ragnarok Pugnacia
Limited Availability 03
Map Pending PvE
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Tribe Guidelines (All Servers)
You're Welcome to play on our Private Servers

* You are a Guest on our Servers
Don't Steal or be a Jerk. Help fellow tribe members. Be 18+
* Basically just have one primary residence and remove older ones. Way huts ok but if they are not of use anymore please remove.
* Don't block access to caves resources etc... or place dummy foundations etc to block others...
* Don't Keep Whining about things or constantly bugging players for stuff it's annoying to all.
* English in game texting please, this helps others. We do have Teamspeak with extra tribe channels for voice chatting.
* Rollbacks, Crashes and Bugs happen you may lose items, it sucks but don't expect Admins to replace items or spawn in items for you.
* If your buildings or Dinos expire after a week of neglect they can be claimed and recycled by other players. Use it or loose it.

If you have a group of players we are open to tweaking map levels and mods

If Emergency Steam Text Admins at top page and/or

* FYI: Our Private Playground Maps and Mods.
           This is where we try out new maps and mods at our discretion.
           We have fun building, exploring and taming in new frontiers and playing with new mods and our favorates.
           Feel free to join us as we go on our next Adventure


* Server Name Filter: ARKofWizzy
* Server Filter: UnOfficial
To add servers to your favorites click on server then click on Favorite button to save as a Fav
Then use Server Filter: Favorites in future
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*** Pass the word on to your friends about our fun servers ***

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