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We Play ARK PvE on New DLC, Old Maps and WIP Maps and try out new mods

Our Super Admins - Wizzy411AluranAlfredKnight
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Map Updated Dec 1
Standard Mods + Teleporters
Chain of ark - SE
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PixARK (Orig map)
Open PixArk - Multiplayer, Filter: Unofficial Servers, Server Name Filter: ARKofWizzy
Original Map - Seed: 32399 - No Mods (Join via list only)
Spearhead (Fri/Sat night 7pm east coast 4pm west coast)
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Some of our ARK Mods Subscribe to them before loading map to speed up process  
  ---------- Standard Mods --------
1999447172 - Super Structures - We Dropped S+ (67MB)
703724165 - Versatile Raft Mod  (0.5MB)
729261989 - Redwood Feeding Trough (6MB)
823422953 - Hunger Tranq (0.2MB)
870709781 - Dino Pick Up Mod (0.2MB)
1404697612 - Awesome SpyGlass! (3MB)
1984936918 - MarniiMods: Wildlife (733MB)

----------- Addtional Mods -----------
751991809 - Death Recovery Mod  (1MB)
889745138 - Awesome Teleporters! (23MB)
821530042 - Upgrade Station (234MB)
803250329 - Automated Ark 3 - Core, Power, Kitchen, Gardening, Baby
                     2007400172,2007418454,2007430597,2007441758,2007447056 (655MB)

---------- Occasionally Used ----------
719928795 - Platforms Plus (23MB)
779897534 - Platforms Anywhere (119MB)
795044845 - ecoTrees Lite (66MB)
880871931 - eco's Garden Decor (288MB)
1814953878 - Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered(658MB)

Past Games Games we have hosted and played  
  ARK   ATLAS   REND   PixARK   Conan Exiles  Dark and Light  Eco
Citadel Forged in Fire   Space Engineers Ylands   Pantropy
COD Modern Warfare - Wizzy411#1772

ARK Music by #NerdOut

I see a banana with my name on it


 Tribe Guidelines (All Servers)  

* You are a Guest on our Servers
Don't Steal or be a Jerk. Help fellow tribe members. Be 18+
* Basically just have one primary residence and remove older ones. Way huts ok but if they are not of use anymore please remove.
* Don't block access to caves, resources etc... or place dummy foundations etc to block others...
* Don't Keep Whining about things or constantly bugging players for stuff it's annoying to all.
* English in game texting please, this helps others. We do have Teamspeak and Discord with extra tribe channels for voice chatting.
* Rollbacks, Crashes and Bugs happen you may lose items, it sucks but don't expect Admins to replace items or spawn in items for you.
* If your buildings or Dinos expire after a week of neglect they can be claimed and recycled by other players. Use it or loose it.

If you have a group of players we are open to tweaking map levels and mods

If Emergency Steam Text Admins at top page

Our Private Playground for Maps and Mods.
           This is where we try out new maps and mods at our discretion.
           We have fun building, exploring and taming.
           Join us as we go on our next Adventure

After a day with our Clan

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My First Time seeing an Alpha

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